The IAA® index: a scientifically measured efficiency


From one tree to another, from year to year, from one harvest to another, the antibacterial and antiseptic power of manuka honey differs. This is why each production is finely analyzed by an accredited laboratory responsible for detecting the presence or absence of honey activity and its level of effectiveness.
HAA®5 +, IAA®10 +, IAA®15 + or IAA®18 + indices can be assigned to the honey depending on their effectiveness, the IAA®18 + index, the IAA®18 + index, which is present in beauty care Manuka rituals, being the highest.

The antibacterial activity index (IAA®) which is thus determined makes it possible to know precisely the non-peroxidic antibacterial activity of manuka honey. The efficacy of manuka IAA® honey used in the formulation of our formulas is scientifically guaranteed by this European reference index.
In addition, all our formulas are tested on sensitive skin to guarantee optimum safety for the skin.


The IAA® index is a sign of a strong commitment from the distributor to guarantee you the highest quality manuka honey products. The use of this index is based on the respect of 7 fundamental points:

1 -

Systematic tests of the non-peroxidic activity of honey by independent laboratories recognized worldwide for their expertise in this field.

2 -

Full transparency on the quality of the products with the systematic placing of the non-peroxidic activity test reports, thus guaranteeing that the index affixed to the pot transcribes well the actual activity of the honey.

3 -

New Zealand beekeepers rigorously selected for the excellence of their work after an audit conducted at the place of production by our partner.

4 -

Clear and objective information on the actual properties of manuka honey based exclusively on scientific publications (clinical and laboratory studies), in compliance with European regulations on health claims.

5 -

Unrivaled product traceability: samples are systematically stored at the beekeeper and distributor to ensure traceability of honey from the hive to the consumer.

6 -

Honeys obtained from wild manuka and guaranteed without pesticides after analyzes carried out by a reference laboratory on nearly 300 pesticide residues in accordance with the standards of certifying bodies.

7 -

Compliance with all quality criteria for honey defined by the Codex Alimentarus, in particular HMF levels below 40 mg / kg and the adulteration of honey by addition of sugar.