Our expertise

The IAA® manuka honey in cosmetics

Since 2009, we are experts in the organic cosmetic formulation with manuka honey IAA®.

• A first range of biological dermo-cosmetics products has been developed for medical and hospital uses as well as for everyday problems: body balm, hand care, lip care, nose and sinus spray, toothpaste, repair cream.
It is today the world's largest range of bios products formulated with active manuka honey.

• An organic cosmetic range entirely dedicated to babies is then born: wipes, body moisturizing milk, exchange cream, ultra-restorative cream. It is the only range of baby cosmetics in the world that incorporates active manuka honey.

Today, men, women, children, dermatologists, nurses and hospital practitioners are conquered by the exceptional efficiency of these two ranges.

Stock up from the best beekeepers

The IAA® manuka honey is a rare and precious nectar, it is the secret of the effectiveness of our products. That is why we have chosen intransigence in terms of quality, a quality that must not only be optimal but also constant.

Since 2008, we therefore work with direct supply chains without intermediaries.
The IAA® manuka honey we use in our formula is harvested exclusively in New Zealand, in the regions of Corromandel, East Cape, Northland, and Waikato on the North Island, Canterbury, Malborough and Otago on the South Island.
And we maintain with our suppliers a relationship based on the principle of fair trade by pre-financing harvests at the price requested by the beekeeper.

It is under these conditions that we can secure our supply of manuka honey and guarantee products of the highest quality.

Our passion: the search of exception

We have worked, reworked and tested our formulas dozens of times for more than 2 years in order to arrive at the products that we propose you in search of an exceptional effective efficiency, light textures but comforting and a discrete olfactory signature But of character. This high quality formulation with exceptional ingredients make beauty treatments absolutely unique. The IAA®18 + honey we use for the Rituel de Manuka range represents only 0.3% of the annual world production of manuka honey.


The certified COSMEBIO formulas of  Rituel de Manuka cares are made from assets with exceptional properties.
Each of these assets has been chosen for its specific action and guarantees total respect for the skin. Based on long laboratory research, our products have also been developed to provide an ideal texture and a delicate scent of white lotus.
Light and melting texture for the day, creamy and velvety for the night, nothing has been left to chance: the Crème rare des Antipodes Day as the Crème rare des Antipodes Night  envelop the face of absolute comfort and protect it durably.

Discover the active ingredients of the Crème rare des Antipodes Day, by clicking here
Discover the active ingredients of the Crème rare des Antipodes Night, by clicking here