Our commitments

Naturally transparent

Rituels manuka are formulated in the most complete respect of the skin. They meet very strict requirements and certifications to guarantee you a natural quality without fault.

Naturally French

All products of the Rituels Manuka range are formulatedn, manufactured and packaged in France.

Natural simply

For the Crème rare des Antipodes Day:
99.90% of the total ingredient are from natural origin
And 28.20% of the total ingredient are from organic farming.

For the Crème rare des Antipodes Night:
99.91% of the ingredient are from natural origin
And 34.50% of the ingredients are from organic farming.

Our Rituels Manuka creams are certified COSMEBIO. 

Naturally eco-responsible

We implement an integral carbon offsetting policy: in an effort to reduce our impact on the planet in the process of supplying our raw materials and delivery, we have decided to set up, through independent NGOs, a process aimed at 100% offsetting our carbon footprint. The purchase of "carbon credits" (corresponding to our total carbon consumption related to transport of raw materials and finished products) allows us to finance each year a project that limits or avoids a similar amount of CO2 emissions. This year, we are participating in the Qori Q'oncha project in Peru. The program, set up by the NGO Microsol, aims to distribute wood-burning cookers to 100,000 Peruvian families in order to reduce their wood consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, save them money, preserve their health by evacuating the fumes responsible for many pulmonary diseases. The Rituels Manuka products are therefore totally carbon neutral, from the production of raw materials to delivery in your favorite outlet or home.

For more information: https://co2solidaire.org/projet/qori-qoncha/ 

In addition, we take particular care to choose recyclable packaging:
glass bottle, pump, carton.