Our history

The genesis

Everything begins in 2008, when David and Thomas Coirault learn that hospitals around the world have been using for a number of years a 100% natural product whose therapeutic effectiveness astonishes hospital scientists and practitioners: the manuka honey.

The two brothers then began to take a close interest in this honey that was obviously not like the others ... and they discovered that since the early 1980s, scientists around the world have been studying manuka honey in various therapeutic uses for its antiseptic properties, Antibacterial, antioxidant properties so high that it is able to heal postoperative wounds and destroy multiresistant bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus.

In France, however, this extraordinary honey is still unknown to the medical world and consumers. The Coirault brothers then understand its incredible therapeutic potential. To discover its secrets, they are going as soon as 2009 on its land of production: New Zealand. They meet beekeepers, study the soil and get closer to Professor Peter Molan, a biochemist at the University of Waikato and a visionary scientist who was the first to discover the unique antibacterial properties of some manuka honeys.

Professor Molan then gives them valuable information on the progress of his work and the privileged relationship they build with him allow them to be aware of all the discoveries made on this unique product in real time. Thanks to this invaluable knowledge, David and Thomas Coirault become the French experts in manuka honey, which they market through their Comptoirs & Compagnies brand and create the IAA rating, a reference certification for therapeutic quality manuka honey.

In 2010, they decided to apply their extensive knowledge of manuka honey to a range of cosmetic care; They then developed the world's largest range of dermatological skin care formulated with manuka honey IAA. The efficacy of these products is recognized both in the medical sector (hospital departments, doctors, dermatologists, veterinarians, dentists, nurses ...) and consumers who prefer to take part in prestigious competitions such as the Best Organic Product of the Year or Étoiles Parents de la Cosméto bébé organized by the magazine Parents.

In 2015, conscious of the exceptional efficacy of manuka IAA® honey on skin problems, especially the slowing of its aging, they decide to apply this knowledge to anti-aging cosmetics. After two years of development, they launched in 2017 RITUELS MANUKA, an exclusive range of rare and precious anti-aging treatments, formulated with manuka honey IAA18 + and remarkable ingredients, with unique textures and incomparable efficiency.

The Rituels Manuka range created a new way of taking care of your skin: the Manukathérapie®.